Prominent Positions

The project manager position at Adelhardt Construction is an important part of the company’s success. The project manager oversees every aspect of a given project, from concept to completion. They play a central role in the project team on every job. Their position involves administration, budgeting, scheduling, contract negotiation and supervision of the project.

The estimator is central to the pre-construction and bidding processes. The estimator prepares bids, budgets, and proposals for our clients. They must see every aspect of the project, understand the full scope of the work, and be able to make decisions regarding the best estimate that will benefit the client and the company.

The superintendent is the boots on the ground for every job. Theyare in charge of the daily operations on the job site. The superintendent must make two week schedules of how to stay on target with deadlines, and also report the progress and estimated time to completion to the project manager. The superintendents are also responsible for maintaining the highest quality and safety standards on our job sites.