Adelhardt Construction is an innovative company that cares about their employees, their clients, their vendors, and the community. The company has been involved in many projects over its 87-year history, such as the Equinox at Rockefeller Center. Employees of all levels are excited about these achievements.

The company is not your typical construction firm. It is employee driven and focused, with opportunities for employees of all levels to become involved in the various aspects of the company’s projects.read more

Our Mission

Adelhardt Construction does not have profits as its sole focus. Employees are what make the business successful, and David Adelhardt takes that fact to heart. His mission is to create a company environment that includes everyone. He makes sure employees know that they play a critical role in the company’s success and advancement. read more

Prominent Positions

The project manager position at Adelhardt Construction is an important part of the company’s success. The project manager oversees every aspect of a given project, from concept to completion. They play a central role in the project team on every job. Their position involves administration, budgeting, scheduling, contract negotiation and supervision of the project. read more